Meet Your Committee Chairs for 2017-2018

Our committee chairs make things happen around BMES.  We appreciate them and their contributions!

Currently, we need a Chair for the Conference Dinner committee.  If you are interested in becoming a Committee Chair or joining a committee, contact us for more info.

Community- these committees provide services to the BMES Community

BMES Ambassador- Darcy Louie
Welcomes new families to BMES community.  Helps direct them to resources and important information related to the school.

Babysitting- Olga Kush
Organizes responsible babysitters to care for children during PTO General Meetings

Cares & Shares– Noreen Reeder & Darcy Louie
Organizes outreach events such as holiday gift giving. 

Conference Dinners- Contact us
We are looking for a volunteer for this position- Interested in learning more?  Contact us!

Newsletter/web/emails/Facebook Updates- Emma Graham
Compiles info and creates content to distribute in different electronic media. 

Room Parent Coordinator- Debbie Koch
Trains room parents and oversees the smooth operation of RP duties. 

Student Directory- A.K. Butterworth
Compiles contact information for all BMES families and creates a directory for use amongst BMES families. 

Staff Appreciation- Melissa Neumeister
Organizes staff appreciation events. 


Fundraising– these committees raise PTO funds to support BMES

Book Fair Fundraising- Jenni KingMelissa Neumeister
Organizes PTO Book Fairs and manages the volunteers needed for the events.  

Box Tops Fundraising- Karen Crouthamel
Handles promotion of Box Tops Program as well as collection of Box Tops, counting, and redeeming rewards. 

King Soopers Fundraising Cards- Jenny Rabenhorst
Dispenses King Soopers Gift Cards to those who request them.

Merchandise Order/Sales Fundraising- Kristy Berger
Develops BMES merchandise and oversees its sales. 

Longmont Dairy Milk Caps Fundraising- Michelle Kelly
Manages information and collection of Longmont Dairy Milk Caps. 

School Supplies Sale- Heather Thompson
Oversees the ordering and delivery of school supplies for upcoming school years. 

Spirit Nights- Michelle Livingston
Organizes fundraising events with local restaurants.  BMES families can dine out at establishments and have a portion of the meals’ cost be returned to the school. 

Spring Event- more info soon

Turkey Trot- Lindsey Reeder (co-chair), Melissa Neumeister (co-chair), & Heidi Lawrence (sponsors, T-shirts)
Oversees all things Turkey Trot from procuring sponsorship, designing student t-shirts, setting up the event, running the event, and collecting funds raised. 

Yearbook- Miranda Kennedy
Collects photos from BMES community members, takes photos around the school, works with printers to design, sets up ordering system and oversees the distribution of the BMES Yearbook.